Leatherback turtle frogs with elephants dancing with the Duke

On November 13, 2010 by Queasy Joe Perry

Hmm, it’s very early in the morning, I’d say about 2am. I have to be up again soon, but I’m not even down yet. See, I’ve been thinking about animals and music – like if I were a frog, what kinda music would I like to play. I’d like to think I’d play breakcore. Or say I was a leatherback turtle (you know they can tell their depth in water just by breathing in?? Man that’s some cool shazzam), would I listen to avante garde jazz, congolese funk or Slade. I mean animals probably ain’t really fussed about music, but then again we’re animals, so why do we care what songs we have coming outta our phones ringtones and doorbells. Didn’t Duke Ellington once say, “show me a man who says he’s never seen an elephant dancing the boogaloo to James Brown, and I’ll show you a liar” – the answer is no…he didn’t. But he might have, and that’s good enough, so lets stop judging animals and their musical tastes please. Many thanks


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