Where’s Tatum

On November 6, 2010 by Queasy Joe Perry

Queasy Joe and Doc DW are extremely concerned that they have had no words from brother Tatum (left). No blogs have been posted, no comments, he may be lost in cyber space. If anyone spots him, please approach with caution, he can be dangerous, but most probably will just be confused and afraid. He can be lured in by folk music, chocolate chip cookies or cake. We’ve set up a specific phoneline for anyone to call if he is found, (0841 299 – TATUM), we’re hoping he comes home very soon

Thank you all for your kind letters of support during this difficult and uncertain time

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  • Nice pic and one of my all time favourites. Brings back some memories, that was a particularly sour peach! I seem to remember other pictures taken that day of a dog(Scruff) , some canned fruit and the letters MP spelled out by torch light on the stairs of a victorian terrace in moseley. Those were the days.
    Call off the search! I found the blog. Although I can’t guarantee the regularity or accuracy of further comments.

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