The Importance of Dylan

On May 24, 2012 by The Brave Sons

He’s 71 today, but here’s why Dylan is important:

We first spotted this photo doing the rounds in Sean Wilentz’s fabulous Bob Dylan in America. (Sean absolutely positively appeared on 50 Miles of Elbow Room once, reading an extract from the book relating how the Delta bluesman might have felt about being told what to play by white guys with microphones.) It’s a snap of Dylan at a wedding in 1962 (the groom, Gil Turner, is the one wearing the buttonhole). Asleep at the left of the picture is the Reverend Gary Davis, ‘rediscovered’ by the folk boomers of the early 1960s and one of the finest blues pickers of all time.

Dylan – not just his person, but his music – connects us still to the roots embodied in a player like the Revered Gary Davis. That’s why we need to celebrate every birthday, every year. Here’s to Bobby.


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