On October 23, 2010 by Queasy Joe Perry

Fields is the first full LP release from Swedish trio Junip. Perhaps most notably known for having one Jose Gonzalez as the guitarist and singer, the casual Gonzalez fan (as I am) would be forgiven for assuming this is an attempt to follow on from the intimacy of Gonzalez’s Vaneer and In Our Nature solo albums, but with a more beefed up sound in an effort to  show some sort of ‘natural progression’. In fact, Junip have been around for over 10 yrs, and this seems to be the sound Jose was pining for all along. That said, it’s not a huge departure from those solo albums, but it is quite fantastic.   Joining Jose’s circling guitars and etheral voice are Elias Araya (playing percussion and drums) and Tobias Winterkorn (keys). Songs like Off Point and Rope and Summit are propelled along by snaking drums with synths filling in where the guitar strings leave space. The arrangements always ensure there are just about enough hooks and melodies to prevent the songs from becoming stagnant, and most of all the enduring sound of the record is warm, intimate and ‘easy’ – a perfect backdrop for the falling leaves outside. It took several years for this album to surface, I’m hoping it doesn’t take so long for the next…

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