My Footage Always Runs Out

On October 21, 2011 by Doc DW Perry

Our phantom percussionist, Cousin Terrence ‘Tinpan’ Perry, secretly filmed parts of the recording sessions for our forthcoming world-beating disc. How abouts a sneak peak?

We thoughts so.

3 Responses to “My Footage Always Runs Out”

  • Sounding great guys, really really looking forward to this album…

    Though, disappointed not to see ya all round one mic 😉 Ah well, at least no-one seems to be wearing headphones 😉

    • All those extra microphones seemed like voodoo to us, but it was all live so it sort of made sense. Tatum might have screamed ‘witchcraft!’ at the desk a couple of times.

  • haha I am of course mostly in jest, as long as it sounds good, who cares right? 🙂

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