Ain’t No Keys

On October 18, 2011 by Doc DW Perry

Shot by Jill Evans Photography / Craig Bush

Imagine the scene: Doc DW and Queasy Joe arrive at the fishbowl on Sunday morning, with a fistful of fine songs and a head full of dreams, only to find that the key has gone missing and the sheriff can’t gain them access. What consequences might this atrocious state of affairs have? The first and most immediate, alas, was that there was no live show this Sunday – fortunately, we have all the tunes ready to spin next week. It’s a setlist and a half, check it.

The secondary consequence was that we spent the next few hours in the mighty fine Urban Coffee Company, before rolling on down to the Great Western Arcade’s Victorian restaurant to meet up with Queasy Joe’s old sparring partner and nemesis, Georgia Red Perry. Georgia Red has quite the line in high quality photography, and you can find her under her transparent pseudonym of Jill Evans here and here.

Anyway, we’re mighty excited by the results – watch out for our beautifully, luxuriously illustrated LP, which we’ll release in the next few months. If we can find the key to the duplicator’s.

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