FMoER: September 4th – The One With Casual Cookery

On September 4, 2011 by Doc DW Perry

Queasy Joe is currently somewhere on the Continent. The only report I can make of him is that I received a missive from him last night which read ‘Lahggg’. None of us should think too deeply about what might be occurring. Nevertheless, the podcasts will keep a-coming …

This week’s show, first broadcast live from the fishbowl at on May 8th, features Tom Waits, Fleet Foxes, Steve Earle, Alela Diane, BB King and more. It also features one of Queasy Joe’s most half-hearted cookery corners ever, and a disagreement between the boys about the order in which Doc DW programmes each show’s tracks. There may also be Sammy Boy, The Bluetones, Puntillita With Julio Cueva Y Su Orquesta, Paul Curreri, Clifton Chenier and Molly Parkin.

If you want to listen to this show, drop us a line – we have all of our past shows on file! To view a setlist of this show, click here.

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