FMoER: August 21st – The One With The Switch

On August 22, 2011 by Doc DW Perry

This week’s Brave Sons-related shenanigan involved a new addition to the Rhubarb Radio studio desk: a large, white plastic switch. Queasy Joe and Doc DW were wary of this new contraption, though 25 minutes into the show actually read the note that had been left next to it – to discover that it was the button which put them to air. Fortunately, this podcast is recorded off the desk rather than off the airwaves, and you now get to hear the full, unexpurgated edition of 50 Miles of Elbow Room fom August 21st.

Most excitingly, we were joined by Australia’s very own Ian Bland, fresh from a tour of leafy Coventry. Ian regaled us with stories of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, choice discussions of music and musicians, and a sonorous radio voice which rather put ours to shame. He is also delivered some rather fine acoustic renditions of a couple of his songs. His segment proper begins one hour into the show, but he was with us throughout. This was a real pleasure of a show – enjoy!

If you want to listen to this show, drop us a line – we have all of our past shows on file! Read the setlist for the show here.

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