Where’s Tatum??

On December 1, 2010 by Queasy Joe Perry

He's been some places, seen some things


When we hadn’t seen or heard from Tatum in so long, we knew there was only one place we should be looking. Doc DW mentioned a couple of weeks back, Tatum’s involvement in the Vaudeville scene across America. Back in those days, the streets were laced with Vaudeville dreams, and Tatum was the dream catching king. He was no bit part player, no pretender, no part time promoter, he was Vaudeville and the people loved him for it. Known at the time as Micky Tatum Eyes, he ruled the entertainment scene with his cool calm exterior, removing competitors as if they were weeds on his newly turfed lawn. Since his well publicised fall from grace (due to a misjudged vaudeville giraffe juggling sketch) he’s constantly tried to climb back. Photographed here recently, it seems he’s attempting to relive his glory days, learn from his mistakes and rebuild his lucrative vaudeville kingdom. We’re very excited to see where he’ll crop up next, and if he’ll ever actually finish that peach

One Response to “Where’s Tatum??”

  • When you do catch up with Tatum, tell him his clothes are in bin bags on the front lawn. I know he’s been messing around with Chardonnay from across the street!! You tell him he’s still gotta pay maintenance for baby Dakota!!

    And why aint he eatin that peach? That’s from my daddy’s back yard!

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